Friday, September 16, 2011

How Gossip, Complaints & Swear Words are Good for Manifesting

How Gossip, Complaints & Swear Words are Good for Manifesting

Deliberate creators are often advised that in order to maintain a high vibration we should eliminate all gossip, complaints, swear words and anything else negative from our conversations.

Most of us would consider that good advice, and many of us have attempted to practice it for long stretches at a time.

But the thing is sometimes a little bitch session, trash talking or wisely chosen expletive is exactly what we need to improve our alignment.

Not convinced?

You’ve probably already experienced this. Have you ever laughed out loud when a friend swears inappropriately? Or when you have? Or felt relief when you suspended your “good behavior” to give someone a piece of your mind?

Or maybe you’ve hung up from a little girlfriend gossip session feeling better than you did before you conversed?

If not, you really must try it. It’s all the rage for leading edge manifestors. ;)

Gossip, complaints and swear words don’t always feel better - but sometimes, depending where we’re at on the vibrational scale, a little four letter word or an “inappropriate” comment is just the ticket to a better vibe.

Even Abraham says sometimes being negative is what you’ve got to do before you can feel better. It’s what they mean when they suggest going from “specific negative” to “general negative.” As in: “I am sick and tired of being underpaid for what I do” to “actually, my entire industry is under-appreciated. It’s not just me.”

After you make that transition, then you can get to “general positive” (“But we do do important work“) and on to “specific positive” (“I love the project I’m working on now.”)

Sometimes the ticket to movement in your feeling state is to let yourself do what savvy creators aren’t “supposed” to do - complain about the neighbor or swear at the traffic or gossip about the in-laws.

It’s not pretty, but sometimes it is just what the doctor ordered. So if you’re stuck in a bad vibe, try on a little gossip, complaining and/or swear word to see if you can find a bit of relief to kick start your upward spiral.

Jeannette Maw

Jeannette Maw is a Master Certified Coach and founder of Good Vibe University. Catch up with her latest LOA ideas at