Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Think what it would be like to go about your day with your mind filled only with happy and loving thoughts..."

"Think what it would be like to go about your day with your mind filled only with happy and loving thoughts. Everyone you meet has a smile and a glow of happiness about him or her. There is no sickness, no hunger, no conflict or lack, no time and no death. Peace has replaced fear everywhere. This is our world when forgiveness has come and we are free to love again."  - The Miracle of Real Forgiveness by Tom Carpenter

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tithing for Prosperity

Tithing for Prosperity
by Randy Gage
The Tithing Law of Prosperity
Tithing is a spiritual law dating back thousands of years. It is simply the action of giving back to the source of your spiritual sustenance. Usually this means your church, temple, mosque, or synagogue. The word tithe comes from Latin and means tenth. That’s why traditionally tithes are for ten percent.
Tithing is different from randomly sowing seeds or giving to charity. It is the way you acknowledge the source of your abundance and continue it in circulation.
I started tithing about 20 years ago when I began studying the laws of prosperity and I’ve been tithing ten percent of every dollar I’ve made since. Honestly, I began doing it out of fear. Now I tithe joyfully, lovingly, and gratefully.
You never know how your tithe will come back to you. Money is a pretty common way. But it could also come in the form of reconciliation with someone you’re estranged from, a gift, a new relationship, a healing, or a promotion. There are many ways your good can come back to you.
Here’s what I also believe. The universe will always get its tithe. You can do it voluntarily, or by force. But you always pay.
All those years I never tithed, I was always having my car break down, losing paychecks, having medical bills, and every other conceivable thing that kept me broke.
Remember, prosperity is about circulation. You have to keep your substance circulating, or it gets stagnant. When you tithe by choice, you invoke many of the other laws, including the law of giving and receiving, creating ripples of giving and abundance that eventually find their way back to you.
So what about you? Do you tithe or not – and how has that worked out for you?
- RG
My husband and I tithe faithfully.God deserves his 10% and more. Love thie post!
Excellent Randy. Intention needs to be worked in here too. If you give your 10% thinking "I expect to get a good ROI!" like you're a demanding shareholder in God Inc., I suggest that is something different. That's an "investment." As with all investments sometimes they pay off and sometimes they don't. Do your due diligence.
If we tithe because that is a natural part of being in the energy of the Universe and we do it "joyfully, lovingly, and gratefully" confident it will be exactly what another part of the Universe needs then it seems to me we're in the spirit you're talking about. When you participate All That Is knows you're there and that's all you need to know.
I can't tell you how many times I've heard preachers push people to tithe because God would give them back a "hundred-fold." Something missing there, don't you think?