Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dare to be Yourself ... by Paul Hoffman

Who am I? What do I want? What level of consciousness am I living from? These are great questions to ask yourself as you begin to usher in the dawn of a new day. The absolute truth in answering these questions is simply you are brilliant, magnificent, genius, caring, loving, kind, extraordinary, unstoppable, successful, creative, giving, generous, supportive, nurturing, confident you get the picture. You are all these qualities and so much more in every moment of your day. I ask you today to "Dare To Be Yourself" and bring out all these awesome qualities and values of who you are in all you do. When you do, life will begin to take on a new color and vibration of abundance and prosperity in every aspect of your being so that the person you really are emerges powerfully in all your relationships as you communicate the joy of being who you are.

There is no holding back the divine inspiration that you are. You can only be that which you believe you are. When you lose focus and clarity about the true authentic being you are then thoughts of lack and limitation creep in. You must have the courage to be steadfast in your commitment to living in your excellence. You must have the determination to stay the course in the journey you have chosen so that the vision in your heart becomes your reality. You must believe in yourself so you will receive all the divine intelligence that is encouraging you to keep stepping into your brilliance. There can be no other way to be. It is all within you right here and now to have it all. All you need to to do is "Dare To Be Yourself" and watch as the most amazing thing happens. YOU will be given the keys to the castle and your life will become all that you have dreamed it could be. Try it you'll like it!

"The first choice you should make each day is to be committed to be the blessing you are so that everyone will get to share in the magnificence of who you are."

I AM ready to show up in all my power
I AM open to the calling of my heart
My dream is the reality I see in my life today
I AM committed to the full expression of who I AM
I see the road ahead with focus and clarity
I AM full of infinite opportunities and possibilities
There is magic everywhere

It's your day...MAKE IT A GREAT ONE!

-Paul Hoffman

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Everyone is searching for happiness ..." by Dick Sutphen

Everyone is searching for happiness, but happiness is found internally, not externally. It is generated by finding enjoyment in pursuing your goals, by accepting what is, and by believing in yourself.

Dick Sutphen

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Get Off the Couch by Ron White

The legendary Jack LaLanne is 94 years old and fit. He still lifts weights and swims each day. He also has a purpose. He wants to transform every American into a fit, healthy machine. So what can you learn from the founding father of fitness?

Anything in life is possible. You control your life—it’s all up to you. The food you eat today is walking and talking tomorrow. You have to ask yourself, ‘What can I do to help myself?’ ”

A strong will and a belief in yourself
are all it takes to achieve whatever goal you’ve set for yourself.

“Everyone is a genius in his own way, but you have to bring it out to make it happen. You have to work at it and you have to believe. You can’t just dream your way to success.”

Believe in what you are doing.
“People line up after motivational talks to thank me. That’s my reward; it’s not about money.”

Ron White

"...that there's no abiding success without commitment."

"...that there's no abiding success without commitment."

Anthony Robbins said that, and he was right.

Commitment is the key to achievement.

How committed are you to your future, to your goals,

to your relationship, to your self?

Do you want to be healthier, or do you just say you do?

Do you want to be happier, or do you just say you do?

Do you want to be nicer, or do you just say you do?

Do you want to be more patient, or do you just say you do?

Do you want to be lighter, or do you just say you do?

What do you really want...and who are you kidding about that?

-Neale Donald Walsch

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting More Out of Life 6 May 2009

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"Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one." -Benjamin Franklin

Law of Attraction and Finances, part II.

In my most recent Ezine on Law of Attraction I discussed the workings of Law of Attraction (LOA) and finances. How can we use LOA to attract financial prosperity into our lives?

I discussed some basics about LOA and about our thoughts regarding finances.

As I was explaining, there IS a solution to the issue of "attraction of unwanted results". BUT: the solution does not lie in STOPPING to thinking negatively. You don't have to do that. That could already be major relief for some people!

You merely have to turn your thoughts back around towards what it IS you want as soon as you find they are wondering off towards what it is you DO NOT want. It's as simple as that.

Or, to put it even more profoundly: working out how to stop thinking negatively only means that you are putting more energy, attention and focus on the problem (thinking negatively)! This prolongs the negative feeling you really want to change!

Not good.

The process of turning your thoughts towards what is wanted is called pivoting or flip switching.

Our -what I call- internal GPS is the indicator as to what our point of attraction is: when we are feeling good, we are in alignment with who we truly are (call that whatever you want; I call it my "inner being", but any other name will do), and we will be attracting the good stuff, financially. That is because, as I explained previously, we are naturally attracted to "the good", to the things we want. If we feel bad, we are out of alignment, and by default we will attract some of the good stuff, and some of the stuff from the "dark side of the force"........

That internal Global Positioning System is such a powerful tool, and so useful. But mostly we curse it.....because we don't want to feel bad. Whereas "bad" is nothing more than an indicator that we're out of alignment with what we truly want. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no judgment to it, only the negative perception we give it.

Do you want to know the secret to create a life full of financial abundance, joy, prosperity, abundance in all sorts of other areas, health, love, etc?

Well, here it is: Start telling your "story" (being: whatever you consider to be your life) in a new way. Tell your story the way you want it -and therefore your life- to be.

Here's another truth: your desired state of being MUST have been created in spirit (or mind or thought, if you don't like that word) before it can be created in matter. Simple example: all the beautiful buildings we can see in the world were FIRST an idea in the architect's mind, and THEN turned into a reality. It's the same with our creations. We form them in our minds first.

Commit to telling your NEW story. Instead of how the story is right now (which keeps the same staying the same), or how it was in the past (which brings what WAS back to what IS).

Let's record some examples of how people tell their current story around money:

1. I've always had a problem with saving for later;
2. my parents never led an abundant lifestyle, so that's why I don't;
3. I'm not clever enough to run a profitable business;
4. I don't want people to like me only for my money;
5. whatever I do, I just cannot seem to get rid of my debt;
6. I am not an entrepreneur, which is why I haven't made much profit;
7. I guess a rich life is just not for me;
8. there is a maximum to what I can earn;
9. my mindset is just wrong!
10. etc. etc. etc.

I could come up with hundreds of similar examples. The point being: they all tell a story based on observation of a seeming reality.

There is this Cycle of Observation going on: observing a situation, offering a vibration based on that observation, LOA responding to the vibration, manifestation happening according to the vibration, observing a (new) situation, etc....

As long as the observations and vibrations offered are attuned to the past or current situation, then chances are likely that manifestation will occur accordingly. Guess what: nothing seems to change!

The key: offer a new vibration, one in line with a desired future reality, a yet unrealized potential. Keep that new vibration up long enough, and you WILL experience a new reality. It can not be another way.


Unless there are factors at play out of our control, like strong influences from the collective consciousness, or forces that guide your life 's evolution and are not yours to change (I agree that there is a spiritual touch to this; are our lives pre-determined or not?). I'll write about those in another article, because they definitely play a role within LOA, and sometimes make LOA hugely misunderstood. This is where the Law of Acceptance comes in as well!

Don't turn this "unless" into an excuse, though. You will rarely find this thwarting your intention. There is lots of "free will" available.

If you are serious about increasing the chances of your financial desires actually coming true, then here are 5 Critical Ways to deliberately, and therefore successfully apply the process of flip switching or pivoting:

1. Become really aware of your daily thoughts around money. As soon as you catch yourself thinking a negative -and how do you know that? Yes, by being aware of your feelings!- tell yourself: "thank you, at least now I know what I DON'T want! What DO I want instead?" And ANSWER that question!
2. Be sure to assess your feelings making a shift towards "better" when you ponder your answer to the previous question. If that doesn't happen, not even subtly, you may want to think of something else you desire, until your feelings DO go up in vibration.
3. Learn to appreciate what you've got, even if it's not a lot! Every day, give thanks for your possessions and your positions; I use this formula: think about 5 things that went well and 5 things that you were grateful for. That creates a strong vibration that is in alignment with what you want.
4. Write down in all areas of your life, what money would do for you (in that area). Do it in two steps: what is it, and what value will it give you? This "Values Alignment" exercise will assist you realising why you do what you do in life.
5. Count all your financial blessings whenever they occur. In other words: look at where you already have what you are looking for. Each and every day we get financial windfalls, and recognising them will help raise your vibration.


1. money found on the floor (I find lots of it!)

2. discounts you got but didn't count on

3. a tax refund

4. a two-for-one deal that saves you money

5. a win in the lottery

6. a pay-rise

7. a tip

8. extra interest on your savings account

9. a friend who shouts you a drink/meal

10. a free ride of any kind

and there are plenty more of these kind of windfalls!

Remember: it's not the quantity that counts. Five cents is worth as much vibrationally as five million dollars. Water is water, whether as a raindrop or as an ocean. If you can bring up feelings of gratitude, you're doing good!

To finish off: here are 4 Action Steps to help you get more of what you want, and less of what you don't.

Set a Landmarc:

Firstly, Always (always!) pay yourself first, and research your financial status: what money have you got where? Knowing what to do will not change you; doing what you know will.

Pay yourself 10% of whatever you earn, find, get paid, get bequeathed, get gifted, and put it into a savings account. I have a system in place for accumulating wealth. Ask me about it.

Secondly, Never say "no" to money. In other words: always say YES to money, even if you feel guilty, or think you "can't accept that". You're not getting it for nothing (!).

Thirdly, Give thanks for bills, invoices and services rendered. You are paying for something you have (had) use of. It's good to be thankful for that. Seriously, do it! Say thanks, and pay the bill with a smile.

Lastly, Become part of an accountability group. Get together once a month with a group of like minded people, and create a collective vibration geared towards increasing financial abundance. Guess what a group vibration does in terms of strength! It's massive!

Obviously, I've only been able to lift the veil on this topic. There is way more to talk about, and way more that can be done. As long as you keep in mind that your current feelings about the topic of finances are a good indicator as to what your point of attraction is, you've already won half the game. The rest of the game will be won with practice!

Until next time, go well, be well, and live well!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Yet? By Lionel Ketchian

Happy Yet?
By Lionel Ketchian

Eight years ago I decided to try to hand feed some birds in my backyard. I put some crushed walnuts in my right hand and extended it. It was winter and the weather was cold, but I stood absolutely motionless, and completely quiet. Within a few minutes, a bird landed on my hand for the first time in my life. It was a cute tiny bird called a Black Capped Chickadee.

It flew onto the tip of my fingers, picked up a piece of walnut and flew off to enjoy it. Soon it returned to land on my hand again. This time it picked up a piece of walnut and dropped it on the ground. Then it picked up another and dropped that on the ground as well. Finally it selected a third piece, which must have been just the right one, and flew off with it. It trusted me enough to take its time and make sure it had a nice delicious piece.

It was not long after this event that I realized I had read the following quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne. "Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you." Now I can say, "Happiness is a Black Capped Chickadee, a cute tiny bird, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you."

For me, an interchange with nature is an unforgettable occasion and is nothing less than a spiritual experience. This event made me realize that happiness requires us to quiet down and allow things to come to us. The more we pursue things that are beyond our grasp, the more they move away. The faster we try to pursue them, the faster they move away. Happiness requires us to relax, become quiet, and act as if we will get what we expect, without the need to become upset if we don't.

The greatest things in life require patience, mindfulness, and knowledge of what is possible; being happy is a similar thing. I never thought I would be able to feed a wild bird and I thought the odds were against me. You may not think you can do something like become happy, but if you learn enough about happiness, you can do it. The important thing is knowing it can be done. It has been done before. Remember the four-minute mile. People did not believe it was possible to run a mile in less than four minutes. As soon as one person did it, the record began to be broken over and over again. What one person can do, another can do also.

Have you wondered: Is it possible to be happy all the time? Yes, it is! How is it possible to be happy all the time? Being happy all the time does not mean bad things don't happen to you. It just means you are able to handle them and not let them make you helpless and hopeless.

You may ask: How can I be happy? You can be happy by making happiness a decision, and by choosing happiness all the time. You can be happy by not allowing a situation, or a person to make you unhappy. Don't give up your happiness, because happiness is what you want more than anything else.

You may wonder: Why is happiness important? When things make you unhappy, you lose your power. In fact, you give your power away to the things that make you unhappy. The truth is, when you allow someone to make you unhappy, you have given your power to that person. Happiness is an issue of power. It's time to take your power back!

If your question is: What if something bad happens? This is the time that you need happiness the most, during times of hardship and stress. Happiness should be your strategy for dealing with negative things. When bad things happen, you need all the balance, wisdom and endurance you can find. Happiness allows you to gain access to your emotional intelligence. It is in times of difficulty, that you need to control your thinking, so you don't allow stinking thinking. You become unhappy as a result of your thinking, not because of what has happened to you. Your reaction, as a result of your thinking is what makes you unhappy, not the event itself. Happiness is your connection to yourself.

If your concern is: How can I make happiness work for me? The decision to be happy allows you to find out when you are off track. As soon as you realize you are unhappy, you are in control of changing your thoughts to allow you to choose happiness and get yourself back on the right track. You can practice being happy even when you feel unhappy. Pretend to be happy and you will start to make yourself feel happy. Act as if you are happy and you will become happy. Once you are operating with happiness, you begin to gain access to your best thoughts, change your negative ones, and your whole state of mind becomes peaceful. You begin to be flooded with good choices, alternatives, and options. You will begin to have ideas to serve you in the best way to find solutions to the problems you face.

What if there is no solution to my problem? If there is truly no solution, you have no problem. You have something that you do not like and cannot change. In this case, you are the problem. You will therefore remain unhappy unless, and until you change your attitude. Learn to accept what you cannot change, and move forward.

Do I have to live with what I don't like? If you can change it -- change it! If you can't change it, then learn to love it, or it will make you unhappy. Once you change your attitude about the thing you can't change and don't like, the situation can change. What you resist -- persists. When you stop fighting what you can't do anything about, the problem usually vanishes. Remember the "Serenity Prayer" and let happiness show you the wisdom to know the difference between what you can and cannot change.

Finally, you ask: When can I be happy? Be Happy Now! Stretch out your arm and as you open your hand, you realize that happiness is right there in the palm of your hand. It has always been within you. It's time! Go and Be Happy!