Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Listening to your inner guidance by Christy Whitman

Listening to your inner guidance
by Christy Whitman

There are so many opinions of what is right and wrong. There are so many people that want to tell you how to do something. The only way you will know if something is right for you is to listen to your own inner guidance. How do you know you are in alignment with your own inner guidance? You feel good.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer has said (and I paraphrase) "To feel good is to feel God. Good and God are interchangeable."

When you are feeling good about a decision, that is the right decision for you.

When you feel good about an action to take, that is the right action for you.

We need to get back to trusting ourselves, and the connection that we have with our inner being. How do we build trust? We practice. Like with anything the more you do something, the more confidence you have in your ability. The more you practice listening to your intuition the better you will be at recognizing it and the more you will trust it.

How do you get in touch with that inner guidance? There are many ways. I find that meditation helps me connect instantaneously. Just find a space of silence and intend to connect will do wonders.

..... Spend some time in nature. Nature has a very healing effect on the mind, body and spirit. Just watching the leaves blow in the wind, or waves crashing on a beach can be a spiritual experience.

Also, when you hear a voice inside your own mind give you a direction to go in, listen to it. For example, if you hear that inner voice tell you to charge your cell phone, charge it. If it tells you to take a different road home, take it. There have been so many times when I heard this voice and didn't do what it said and I regretted it later. Once it told me to charge my phone and I didn't listen, later that day I received an important phone call and I did not have enough batteries. The call cut off and I lost out on an opportunity. I started to listen and each and every time I hear that voice (no matter how strange it may sound) I do what it says. It always works out in my favor. That is how you build trust.

What is trust? Trust is opening your heart, believing in yourself and in the abundance of the universe. It is knowing that the universe is loving, friendly, and supports your higher good. Trust is knowing that you are part of the process of creating, and believing in your ability to draw to you want to want.

What does trust mean? To Rely Upon Spirit Totally

Go within and connect with your Infinite Wisdom. Ask your inner guidance for direction in your life. Follow that guidance as long as it feels good to you. Believe that everything will work out the way you want it to. What you believe will ultimately turn into your reality. If you believe that the universe is always supporting you then that is what you will experience. If however, you believe that the world is against you, you will also experience that.

Only you and your inner guidance know what is right for you. When you are in alignment with this inner guidance you are in a pure positive state. By the Law of Attraction positive life experiences will then be reflected back to you.

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